For those who care about old things, in the 1970s and 1980s John Tranter was often paid by newspaper and magazine proprietors to review books of poetry. These are some of his reviews.

[»»] 1974 Neighbors in a Thicket, poems by David Malouf

[»»] 1977 The Vernacular Republic, »Selected Poems» by Les A.Murray

[»»] 1977 Fourth Quarter, poems by Judith Wright;
Water Life, poems and linocuts by Judith Rodriguez, née Green

[»»] 1987 Collected Poems, by Michael Dransfield

[»»] 1989 The Clean Dark, poems by Robert Adamson

[»»] 1995 Millennial Fables, by Peter Porter

[»»] 1998 Damaged Glamour, poems by John Forbes

[»»] 2003 Chinese Whispers, poems by John Ashbery

[»»] 2011 Sly Mongoose, poems by Ken Bolton

[»»] 2013 Home by Dark, poems by Pam Brown