Yul Brynner: Never Argue with Fools

Yul Brynner, passport photo, 1940s
Yul Brynner, passport photo, 1940s

In a thoughtful interview with David Frost on the David Frost TV show, 28 April 1971, actor Yul Brynner talked briefly about his second PhD degree. He did this at Chicago because he had plenty of time free in between acting in «The King and I» at night. He knew all the lines by heart by then, and he was bored. He also recounted that when he left Europe for the United States in 1941, he traveled to the USA to study with acting teacher Michael Chekhov and toured the country with Chekhov’s theatrical troupe. He said that when he left Paris, a friend who was too poor to buy him a proper going-away present gave him some valuable advice instead: “Never argue with fools. To do so, you have to climb down to their level, and on that level they always win.”

There’s a good biographical précis here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000989/bio

Can anyone supply me with more details about this interview? I’d be grateful.

Author: John Tranter