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John Tranter, Balmain, 2011

«Tranter’s Journal» is an online diary, an irregular series of notes posted to the Internet by me, Sydney writer John Tranter. It began in early 2012. For more detail about me, see the footer on this page. For more detail about Copyright, see the “Copyright” link, above.

My old Homepage, at johntranter.com, is available here: http://johntranter.com/00/index.html

And for a rambling biography: http://johntranter.com/00/bio.shtml.

You can easily switch between the Journal and My Old HTML Main Site: see the Menu Bar above.

“Who am I?” John Tranter has published more than twenty collections of verse, and has edited six anthologies, including «The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Poetry» (with Philip Mead). He studied for and received a Doctorate of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong and is an Honorary Associate in the University of Sydney School of Letters, Arts and Media, and he was an honorary fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities until he resigned from the Academy.” Here’s that rambling biography again.

The photo of John Tranter in the banner at the top of most pages is by Anders Hallengren. The photo on this page, of John Tranter with camera in the mirror, is a self-portrait. In case you’re wondering, the fountain pen is a new Namiki Pilot Capless. I dropped it and broke the nib.

And when I was in New York in 2013, I bought a pen that was more than eighty years old: a Wahl Eversharp fountain pen. I won’t drop that one.

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