John Tranter: The Malley Variations

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  John Tranter
  The Malley Variations

Please see The Malley Variations: part of the Poetry page. Here are the Notes:


These poems are collaborations, utilising the ‘Breakdown’ computer program; the voice of Ern Malley is inspired by and speaks through the voices of other writers at key moments in their careers.

— ‘An American in Paris’, Ern Malley and Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer.
— ‘Benzedrine’, Ern Malley and Allen Ginsberg, ‘Howl’.
— ‘The Master of the Black Stones’, Ern Malley and Yasunari Kawabata, The Master of Go.
— ‘Flying High’, Ern Malley and Captain W.E.Johns, Biggles Defies the Swastika.
— ‘Pussy Willow’, Ern Malley and Louisa May Alcott, Little Women.
— ‘Smaller Women’, Ern Malley and Louisa May Alcott, Little Women.
— ‘Transatlantic’, Ern Malley and Gertrude Stein, The Autobiography of Alice B.Toklas.
— ‘Under Tuscan Skies’, Ern Malley and Edward Morgan Forster, Room With a View.
— ‘Year Dot’, Ern Malley and real estate advertisements for properties offered for sale in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, June and July 1994.
— ‘The Urn of Loneliness’, Ern Malley and Radclyffe Hall, The Well of Loneliness.