Spring in Balmain


Spring in Balmain brings with it lots of hammering rendering the noonday hush horrible as houses are bought and renovated, the city of Sydney baking on the horizon, lots of bamboo sprouting in neighbour’s yards, and a Jacaranda in bloom.

Pucker up!


They say that Annie Liebovitz is proud to be chosen ADC Laureate of Disney Parks. Here’s her latest photo.

Jacarandas in Sydney

two-trees-2014-10-02The sight of Jacaranda blossoms strikes fear into the heart of any poor ex-student of the University of Sydney: the Jacaranda tree in the University quadrangle bursts into bloom just as the annual exams are starting!

Go Left, Young Person


What does this mean? Apple’s built-in dictionary helps a bit:
loo 1 |lu?| nounBrit. informal
a toilet. [ as modifier ] : loo paper.
ORIGIN 1940s: many theories have been put forward about the word’s origin: one suggests the source is Waterloo, a trade name for iron cisterns in the early part of the century; the evidence remains inconclusive.
loo 2 |lu?| noun [ mass noun ] a gambling card game, popular from the 17th to the 19th centuries, in which a player who fails to win a trick must pay a sum to a pool…
… but no one tells us why it is found to the left, in downtown Balmain, Sydney, Australia.

Kids love the Darkroom

HarrisonChebac_Photography_Man-With-a-Camera-580x325In the age of camera-equipped smart phones and inexpensive digital cameras, the odds are good that most people in high school or younger have never seen a roll of film or used an “analog” camera — much less developed film and paper prints in a darkroom.

But film photography isn’t dead yet, at least not in New England, USA. Plenty of local people, in fact, are still teaching, learning, and doing “analog” photography.

“We have at least 40 accounts with schools buying film, chemicals, and paper for classes,” said Laura Roberts, public affairs liaison at Newtonville Camera in Newtonville, who handles photographic supply accounts at the store. From: [Link]
Photo: HarrisonChebac_Photography_Man-With-a-Camera-580×325


Over thirty years ago: seems like yesterday: At the 1981 launch of Surfers Paradise magazine at the Courthouse Hotel, Newtown: photo of (L to R) Nigel Roberts, (unknown), Richard Stern (late of a Bookshop in Macleay Street, Potts Point), Eve Jennings, Mark O’Connor (sporting a Van Dyke beard), Kathy Davidson (with Richard Stern). Photo by John Tranter, Olympus XA, Technical Pan film, split-toned in Adobe Lightroom in 2014.

Interior, 2009



Interior, Italy, 2009


Paradise? You decide.

Paradise, or the northern outskirts of Sydney, Australia? You decide.
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