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The Olsonite

Is an “Olsonite” a committed follower of the poetry of the great US poet Charles Olson, 1910 to 1970, poet and literary theorist, widely credited with first using the term “postmodern” in discussing American poetry and known for his association with the Black Mountain poets and for his influence on the generation of American poets who emerged after World War II?


Or just the material used to manufacture a toilet lid in the Durant Hotel in Berkeley, California?


No offence meant to the career, work or reputation of a great American poet. He can’t help being accidentally related to the American plastics industry.

Sea Lions

There are around 1,500 sea lions at Pier 39 in San Francisco Bay, near Fishermen’s Wharf. They migrated there from the coast after the big earthquake in 1989, and found a safe haven from predators with lots of seafood in the nearby Bay. They smell awful. What with their stentorian barking, and a life that is a mix of sleeping, loafing, shitting in the water, barking and biting each other, they reminded me of a huge poetry reading.

Photo by John Tranter, January 2014.

Sea Lions, 2014.