Letitia’s Lithe Limbs…

My short prose poem from the Out of Place anthology, edited by Kirsten Tranter and Linda Godfrey, published by Spineless Wonders: (see this link for lots of photos)

As Letitia’s lithe limbs slid into the tepid, prawn-coloured waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Sebastian blew a lazy plume of lilac-tinted smoke into the air and reflected on what had brought him to this god-forsaken fishing village with a suitcase full of Bolivian notes and a frightful hangover: he remembered his childhood home in the Sydney Harbourside suburb of Balmain — half a world away, and half a lifetime away! — the noisy hippy neighbours and their cacophony of old Leonard Cohen songs, the constant scent of burning dope in the air, and the lush fern in the front garden, its drooping green fronds seeming to imitate the fern pattern of the iron-lace-fronted verandah so that at times he was hard put to distinguish the tender, verdant fern from the cast-iron imitation… God, it seemed so out of place, so out of reach… but there was Letitia, swimming back and forth, her limbs chopping the water into frothy wavelets… now he remembered… that night with Letitia… best not remembered too clearly… Bolivian notes… of course, the largest denominations are the largest in the world, immensely useful to drug cartels and their travelling mules and donkeys…

Two kinds of Fern. Photo by John Tranter.

And from Wikipedia: seriously: Letitia’s thorntail: (Discosura letitiae), also known as the coppery thorntail, is a species of hummingbird in the Trochilidae family. It is only known from two old male specimens from Bolivia. Consequently its behavior and habitat are unknown, but likely similar to that of other thorntails. It has been suggested that it represented a hybrid or a variant of the racquet-tailed coquette, but a study has validated its status as a distinct species.

Proust and Guitar... raquet-tailed coquettes?
Proust and Guitar… raquet-tailed coquettes?

Publisher Bronwyn Mehan posted this to FaceBook on 18 July 2015:

A really terrific launch event (at the Knox Street Bar and Cafe) this afternoon to welcome Out Of Place, our latest microlit anthology into the world. And wonderful to celebrate the Out of Place video project with its creator Richard Holt and emerging composers from the Con. Adam Norris did a marvellous job of launching the book and MCing. Kirsten Tranter spoke on behalf of co-editor, Linda Godfrey about the contributions, and the involvement of staff and visitors from Wayside Chapel. We heard readings from Katherine Temple, Julie Chevalier, Angela Angela Argent and Pip Smith and watched videos made using texts from Ashley Haywood, John Tranter, Tim Heffernan, Richard Holt, Venita Munir, Ceridwen Dovey, Dorothy Pat Simmons, Nick Couldwell set to soundscapes by Daniel Blinkhorn’s Electronic Acoustic students Thomas Ross, Patrick Carroll, Mimi Kind, Rob Evans, Vickie Tran, Alexis Weaver, Georgia Webb and Sophie Hoffman. Plus lots of other contributors in the room. Convivial atmosphere and great cupcakes. Thx to all those who came and those who helped to make it a great event.

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