Residencies, Grants and Tours

  John Tranter

  Grants and Tours


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I enjoyed a good number of Literature Board Grants (each just enough to live on for a year or two, or three) and made some twenty-one visits to New York after 1984, when I was forty-one, some trips paid for with my own money, most paid for by the Literature Board and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Australia under Gough Whitlam’s Labour Government offered solid support for the Arts though the arms-length (arms-length from government, that is) funding by the Literature Board of the Australia Council, and the Conservative (Liberal) side of Government followed suit, though each side was guilty of ‘Stacking the Board’ with their supporters from time to time.


What follows is the text of some dozen or so Reports to the Literature Board, usually written just after a successful year of writing and travelling and sent in to the Board in the hope that such Reports might be of use to writers following in my footsteps. What happened to these Reports? God knows. But I tried.