Jacket 5

Mina Loy, Paris c.1905
Mina Loy, Paris c.1905

Jacket 5: bubbling with poetry and more!

Mina Loy feature:

Introductory Chapter to “Becoming Modern — the Life of Mina Loy”, by Carolyn Burke

Unpublished Epilogue to “Becoming Modern”

Excerpts from reviews of “Becoming Modern”

Carolyn Burke interviewed by Pam Brown

Marjorie Perloff on ENGLISH AS A “SECOND” LANGUAGE : Mina Loy’s “Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose”

Keith Tuma reviews Mina Loy, “The Lost Lunar Bædeker”

Kenneth Koch — Very Rapid Acceleration — an interview with Kenneth Koch. You can hear an 18-minute edited audio recording of this interview.

Feature: Yasusada: simple hoax, or something far more complex?

On YASUSADA : Eliot Weinberger’s original “exposé”, with a postscript

On YASUSADA : Kent Johnson : letter to «American Book Review»

On Larsen and YASUSADA : Kent Johnson interviewed by Norbert Francis

… and lots more.