Jacket 4

Cognac Jacquet

Take a look at Jacket 4:

Articles: David Lehman — The Questions of Postmodernism

Eliot Weinberger : Ísland

Interview: Noel King interviews Pete Ayrton, publisher of Serpent’s Tail books


Caddel and Quartermain : OTHER British and Irish Poetry since 1970

Forrest Gander — review of Yasusada: Doubled Flowering

Review of the 1998 Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry

H.M.Enzensberger’s Kiosk reviewed by Lawrence Joseph

Tom Clark’s White Thought reviewed by Dale Smith

John Tranter: Mr Rubenking’s “Breakdown”
— The utilisation of digital computers in the deconstruction and reconstruction of writing. — It’s usually thought that an “unintended” poetry was either impossible or “unreadable”. But there is a way of constructing practically any form of literary material that will embody many of the traditional values of “literature”, which will be curiously readable, but which is free of authorial intent. An energetic computer programmer, inspired by articles in «Scientific American» and «byte» magazine, has developed such a method — but not in the severe service of modern literary theory. Like a poet, he did it for the fun of it.

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  1. Incidentally, this large book of essays on the Yasusada controversy, edited by Bill Freind, has just been released (it includes the article by Gander that John T. lists above). At the top of the web page there is a link for downloading a PDF of the Preface and the Table of Contents:


    Over the years, John Tranter published quite a bit of material in the original Jacket related to the Yasusada discussion. Thank you for that, John.


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