Jacket 3

Time for the Nautical Poetry Party
Time for the Nautical Poetry Party

Check out Jacket 3: lots of interesting flashes of literature, including these three:

John Forbes Feature: “This issue of Jacket is dedicated to the memory of John Forbes, who died suddenly at his home in Melbourne on 23 January 1998. He was a subtle, ironic and brilliant poet, wholly dedicated to his art. In this issue: some poems by John, some photos, Gig Ryan’s eulogy, a review of his last book, and some poems by his friends.”

And… John Tranter: Thank God for the Bourgeoisie: “Have you noticed what’s happened to the daiquiri? It’s been reinvented, by the Teen Literati. […] But I digress — I was talking about brand identification. Before the modern period, literature had no idea of how to use brand names effectively. How could it? There weren’t any. If you wanted, say, a suit of armour, you asked somebody to make you one, and that was it. You got to show it off to your friends, but you didn’t get the fun of browsing through a Bloomingdale’s catalogue looking for something in stainless chain mail by Armani or Zegna…”

And John Tranter reviews: «Somebody Else – Arthur Rimbaud in Africa» by Charles Nicholl. “When I was seventeen, I fell in love with a sodomite…”