US Poets

Frank O’Hara and John Ashbery and Kenneth Koch

were the Three Musketeers — some would say the Three Stooges — of mid-twentieth-century poetry in New York.

[»»] Frank O’Hara: an amazing life

[»»] Frank O’Hara: and a sad death

[»»] V e r y   R a p i d   A C C E L E R A T I O N : An Interview with Kenneth Koch, New York City, Saint Patrick’s Day, 17 March 1989

[»»] Three John Ashberys: John Tranter came across John Ashbery’s writing in the 1960s. Here he reflects on the schizophrenia of fame. This is a basic introduction to some themes in John Ashbery’s poetry. It is 2,500 words or about 8 printed pages long.

[»»] Koch and Ginsberg: Popeye fights William Blake, 1979. This is an eight-minute edited MP3 recording of a good-natured (indeed, hilarious) rhyming contest between Kenneth Koch and Allen Ginsberg at St Mark’s Poetry Project, New York City, 9 May 1979.