Typewriters at Amherst!?

John Forbes, typing, smoking and drinking beer, photo by John Tranter
John Forbes, typing, smoking and drinking Resch's Pilsener beer, photo by John Tranter. The newspaper headline in front of the manual typewriter reads "Portrait of an Artist on Hire".

Here’s a nice story about how 350 students turned up for an evening of cheese and crackers and typewriting letters to family and friends:

Talking about the good old days when everybody used quill pens or typewriters, someone once asked poet John Forbes why the lines in a particular poem of his were so unusually long. “I mean, how do you know when to turn the line over, exactly? Some kind of instinct? Is it metrics? Or do you count your breath? Or maybe count syllables? Or what?”

“Easy.” Forbes replied. “You just keep typing until you hear the little bell!”