John Tranter has been interviewed at numerous times by various interviewers. Most of the time he tells the truth. As he sees it.

[»»] 1991: John Tranter interviewed by Stephen Craft and Helen Loughlin of Hermes magazine, twenty pages.

[»»]June 27, 2005: In conversation with David Prater, six pages.

(Only available on that site.)

[»»] 2010 In conversation with Brian Henry, thirteen pages.

[»»] 2004: Brian Henry: Tranter’s Terminals (part one of two), sixteen pages.

[»»] 2004: Brian Henry: Tranter’s Terminals (part two of two), seven pages.

[»»] 2013: Interviewed by Toby Fitch for Mascara Magazine: forty pages.

[»»] 2012: John Tranter answers the Proust Questionnaire for the Quarterly Literary Review, Singapore, November 2012; Questions by Yeow Kai Chai. Eleven pages.