Poetry at The Loft, NSWIT, 1982-84

The Loft poetry readings at The Loft, NSWIT, 1982-84


Photo: The late Arnie Goldman, steering boat, and friends, Pittwater, Sydney, 3 December 1983, photo by John Tranter

Twelve poetry readings from late 1982 until early 1984, organised by Lyn Tranter in collaboration with the late Arnie Goldman: about thirty hours of readings by 76 Australian poets in all held on Friday nights at The Loft, NSW Institute of Technology, now the University of Technology, Sydney. Dates, readers, some photos. Follow the link above that reads “The Loft Poetry Readings”.

Thinking of my photos from 1982 and 1983 of the late Arnie Goldman and other friends at Pittwater, I’m reminded of Proust: ‘A photograph acquires something of the dignity which it ordinarily lacks when it ceases to be a reproduction of reality and shews us things that no longer exist.’ From the mouth of Baron Charlus, from Proust’s great novel. Proust is always much smarter than you think.