Good girl!

PM is write-on

Sydney Morning Herald Letters, 27 May 2014

THERE ARE PRESSING ISSUES for the book industry. Ensuring book­sellers are competitive demands the imposition of GST on offshore online retailers. Fair remuneration for copyright creators and creat­ors across all platforms is imperat­ive if Australian writing is to con­tinue to flourish. However, captur­ing the attention of the govern­ment of the day is never easy for the cultural industries.

The announcement of the con­tinuation of the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards is therefore wel­come (“Tony Abbott chooses con­servatives to judge the Prime Min­ister’s literary awards”,, May 24). Book people aren’t generally conservative in their voting preferences so credit is surely due to both the Prime Minis­ter and Minister for the Arts for attending the Australian book in­dustry’s “night of nights”. No shoes were thrown as the Prime Minister addressed the 400 attendees, nor were there mass walkouts as some­what breathlessly predicted.

If Tony Abbott’s legacy is to be known as the Prime Minister for Books, that can only benefit Aus­tralian writers and readers.

Louise Adler
President of the Australian Publishers Association,
Carlton (Vic)