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…feature a number of texts and images, some in HTML and some in PDF and some in JPG format, that give some background to John Tranter’s career as a poet. They consist of memoir, reminiscence, articles, and theory. Check them out in the Menu provided below.

[»»] 1928-2015: vale Barbara Shannon: My half-sister Barbara Shannon, who was born on 18 August 1928, passed away at the age of 87, and I spoke at her funeral at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium on Tuesday 3 November 2015. The audience was small: family and friends. The updated text of my talk, mainly factual things about Barbara’s life and background, and my life, is given later in this file. Meanwhile, here are lots of photos of Barbara growing up, and later color photos by me of the small family wake at Coogee.

[»»] 1970: Tranter’s Books, to 2015: Most of the twenty-odd books of poetry published by John Tranter since his first collection, Parallax and Other Poems, published by Grace Perry as an issue of Poetry Australia (for a dollar a copy) in 1970.

[»»] 1988: ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ — a personal view. A talk at the University of NSW, Sunday 14 August 1988

[»»] 2003: ‘A Week in New York’: In 2003 John Tranter gave a series of readings and talks in Europe and the USA, and in New York he wrote these diary notes.

[»»] 2008: ‘Tranter’s Trace: Feints, Apparitions and Mode of Locomotion’: The Influence of Anxiety in the Poetry of John Tranter. A 94-page paper prepared for the Monash University Poetry and the Trace International Conference held at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, from 13 to 16 July 2008.

[»»] 2010: The Salt Companion to John Tranter ‘This volume of essays covers all periods of the published output of John Tranter, whose standing as one of the most important figures in modern Australian poetry is now assured.’

[»»] 2012: ‘The Elephant has Left the Room’: Jacket magazine and the Internet (about 15 printed pages long.) On the internet in an issue of the Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature (JASAL 2.1 Field, Curriculum, Emotion).