Pens and Handwriting

The geniuses at the Apple Corporation have stopped writing beautifully with fountain pens, and have gone back to what they did at school: writing like awkward children with ball-point pens. Check the image, which shows the icons for the old Apple Word-processor called “Pages” on the left (Pages 4.3, part of Apple’s iWork ’09), and to its right, the icon for the new Pages 5.0 (part of the new iWork ’13). What does this mean? Dumbing-down, that’s what. “If you attended public school in the U.S.A. after about 1970, it’s likely that you learned to write using a ballpoint pen. You might be interested in the results of a study that the National Education Association, the largest U.S. teachers’ union, conducted. The study found that ballpoint pens are a significant cause of poor handwriting. Yes, you read that right. Ballpoints make you write poorly.”

Welcome, Brave New World.