Ten Million Readers a Day

George Evans, 1985. Photo by John Tranter.

In mid-1995, nearly twenty years ago, thousands of copies of six different full-color posters, each bearing an aboriginal art image and a short poem by an Australian writer, went on display inside 12,765 buses in sixteen major cities across the USA. The average potential audience for this display of Australian creative material was ten million commuters per day. The venue was «Streetfare Journal», a transport poster project directed and edited over the previous decade by US poet George Evans. George was inspired to begin this extraordinary project in the 1980s by the success of the original travelling poetry project in the Netherlands many years before, where poems were pasted to the sides of garbage trucks. John Tranter initiated and completed this 1995 American project. What did George Santayana write in 1905? “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” You can read my 1800-word report on the project on my Main Site here:

Photo of George Evans, San Francisco, 1985, by John Tranter.