Keyboards, again

A first look at Cherry’s MX green key switches

Eat your heart out, buckling springs

by Cyril Kowaliski — 1:43 PM on March 7, 2013 at Tech Report here.
Cooler Master is known far and wide for its cases, power supplies, and cooling products. Over the past several years, however, the company has branched out into gaming peripherals. Its CM Storm lineup is now quite extensive, with mice, headsets, mouse pads gaming surfaces, and keyboards.

One of those keyboards, the CM Storm Trigger, has piqued our interest. This unusual specimen is one of the very few keyboards on the market with Cherry’s MX green key switches. We’ve sampled most of the other MX switch variants before—blacks, blues, browns, and reds—but the greens are something of a novelty. They’re tougher, springier than their siblings, and they don’t sacrifice the all-important click and tactile bump. Our understanding is that the greens are normally found under the space bars of Cherry MX blue keyboards. In both feel and specifications, though, the greens are closer to the buckling spring switches of IBM’s iconic Model M keyboards. That makes them uniquely appealing to old-school geeks.

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