Merry Christmas 2012

The Polar Bear fell over.
Whoops! … Merry Christmas. Photo (c) John Tranter, 2012.

Seeing as it’s the twelfth of the twelfth of the twelfth, may you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And don’t be like the Polar Bear in the photo and fall over with a wire up your arse. Okay?

One Reply to “Merry Christmas 2012”

  1. Pity the poor, and fallen bear
    a wire attached to arse,
    without a skerrick of any hair;
    alas for what’s come to pass!

    It could be shickered, could be stoned,
    it could have had a fit,
    it’s even possible it’s boned
    by Santa (just a bit).

    It could be lying on the job
    (how dreadful is its work),
    but what is worse the reindeer knob
    just has to clucking smirk.

    And so the moral of my pome:
    be not like fallen bears
    whether abroad, whether at home,
    cause no-one bloody cares.

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