Poems noted by Stephen Romei

Stephen Romei is the Literary Editor of «The Australian» newspaper. In a recent newspaper column “A pair of ragged claws” (December 2012) he writes:

I always look forward to Black Inc’s annual «Best Australian Stories», «Best Australian Essays» and «Best Australian Poems». Taken together the three volumes are a one-stop shop where I can catch up with good writing I may have missed during the year. This year’s editors are Sonya Hartnett (stories, $29.99), Ramona Koval (essays, $29.99) and John Tranter (poems, $24.99). As I mentioned recently, several poems published in these pages passed muster with Tranter, which is pleasing. But, browsing that one-stop shop, I enjoyed many poems I had not read before, including John Frawley’s cheerful “The Ampu-Bloody-Tee”, Peter Murphy’s wistful “Gardening” and Sarah Rice’s “Bodies”, a candid reflection on love gone sour. And, knowing «Review» readers are passionate about poetry, I think many will get a laugh out of Andy Jackson’s “A Certain Type of Poem” (“A life-support system, humming after the body is taken away.”) Once again this annual collection illustrates the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary Australian poetry…