Gone to Philadelphia — for a while.


I shall continue this Journal, indefinitely, in the long run, but there will be a hiatus of a few months, while I write a series of regular entries for a Journal (titled “Commentaries”) for the Jacket2 people at the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia, from October 2012 to about January 2013. Check it out here.

Lots of other writers have Commentary streams on the Jacket2 site. Mine is titled “Under the Horizon”, as that’s where Sydney is, if you are looking south-west from Philadelphia into the sunset. It will have a slightly different focus to my personal Journal here, as it relates mainly to the history of Jacket magazine, and is published by the people running Jacket2. That new incarnation of Jacket magazine is part of the busy literary doings at the University of Pennsylvania, linked the Kelly Writers House and their many events, and to the PennSound audio archive of literary readings. These are the people I gave Jacket magazine to in 2010, and I feel honoured that they asked me to contribute.

If you’d like to catch up with my thoughts, please feel free to connect with my Jacket2 Commentary stream, here: https://jacket2.org/commentary/john-tranter

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  1. Hi John, original Jacketeer, I’m looking forward to your return to Jacket 2 as a commentator. Cheerio from Pam

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