Jacket 32

Take a look at Jacket 32 — April 2007

New York City, East Village, 2005 — photo John Tranter

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Money is a kind of poetry.
— Wallace Stevens

The Poetry of Response: Edited by Christopher Kelen
[»»] Christopher Kelen: Introduction
[»»] Peter Riley: Quotation: ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing’
[»»] Tony Barnstone: The Cannibal at Work: Five Discourses on Translation, Transformation, Imitation, and Transmutation
[»»] Gary Blankenship: After Wang Wei
[»»] Forrest Gander: The Strange Case of Thomas Traherne
[»»] Kent Johnson: Imitation, Traduction, Fiction, Response
[»»] Oana Avasilichioaei and Erín Moure: C’s Garden
[»»] chus pato, andrés ajens et al.: correspondencias (lalín, galicia – santiago, chile; iowa city/buenos aires, la paz, ciudad juárez/los angeles
[»»] Christopher Kelen: conversation with Tang Poets: some notes on the practice

The Holiday Album: Greeting Card poems for All Occasions Edited by Elaine Equi, with eight collages by Kevin Riordan
[»»] Elaine Equi: Best Wishes (Introduction)
[»»] Elaine Equi: Happy New Year
[»»] David Lehman: Time Frame
[»»] Wayne Koestenbaum: Short Subjects
[»»] Rae Armantrout: Address
[»»] Nick Piombino: Valentine’s Day
— Valentine’s Day — Feb. 14th
[»»] Kim Lyons: Red Couplets
— Paper Lantern Festival (Chinese) — the 15th day of the first lunar month
[»»] David Shapiro: Colorful Hands
— Holi: The Festival of Colors (Indian) — first weekend in March
[»»] Tom Clark: Equinox
— March 21/22
[»»] Vincent Katz: Back From The Dead
— The Veneralia (Roman) — April 1st
[»»] Eileen Tabios: Eggs: Pulp Fiction for Easter
[»»] Jeanne Marie Beaumont: Fête of the Little Boats
— (French) — April 6th
[»»] Martine Bellen: On John Ashbery Day — A Cento
— April 7th
[»»] Cathy McArthur: At the Wildlife Center
— Bird Day — May 4th
[»»] Jerome Sala: Mother’s Day
[»»] Jeanne Marie Beaumont: Flower & Camera
— Flower & Camera Day — June 29th
[»»] Patricia Spears Jones: The Perfect Lipstick — July 4th
[»»] Chris Martin: Independence Day
[»»] Mark Lamoureux: Bride of Frankenstein’s Birthday — July 9th
[»»] Stacy Szymaszek: Hammock Day — July 22nd
[»»] Erica Kaufman: admit you’re happy day — Aug. 8th
[»»] Erica Kaufman: elvis week — Aug. 8-16th
[»»] Fanny Howe: Our Lady of Knock, August 21, 1879
[»»] Joanna Fuhrman: At the Evil Boss Convention — Labor Day
[»»] Jerome Sala: Anniversary
[»»] Gregory Crosby: Columbo Day — Oct. 12th
[»»] Connie Deanovich: Happy Hamlet Day — Oct 15th
[»»] Bruce Covey: Definitions — Dictionary Day–Oct. 16th
[»»] Amy Gerstler: All Saints’ Day — Nov. 1st
[»»] Joe Brainard: Thanksgiving
[»»] David Trinidad: Doll Memorial Service
— Doll Memorial Day — second Saturday in December
[»»] David Shapiro: After Ryokan — Winter Solstice — Dec. 21st
[»»] Ron Padgett: Season’s Greetings
[»»] Ryan Stechler: Pirate’s Christmas Carol — Christmas — Dec. 25th

Martin Heidegger (front right), November 1933

[»»] Anthony Stephens: Cutting Poets to Size — Heidegger, Hölderlin, Rilke

[»»] Gilbert Adair: “Child-Emporererer (vacncy)”: Apprehending U.S. Empire through Robert Fitterman’s «Metropolis»
[»»] Andrea Brady: The Other Poet: John Wieners, Frank O’Hara, Charles Olson
[»»] Stephen Fredman: Edward Dorn
[»»] Steve Halle: Against Lightning Flashes: Inspiration in Kristin Prevallet’s «Scratch Sides: Poetry, Documentation, and Image-Text Projects», by Kristin Prevallet
[»»] Douglas Messerli: What is to be Done?
[»»] Clément Oudart: Genreading and Underwriting: A Few Soundings and Probes into Duncan’s «Ground Work»
[»»] David Rosenberg: The Lost Poets of the Wild: The Influence of the First Writing Poets in Sumer

[»»] Nicomedes Suárez-Araúz: In Search of the Night: on translating Jaime Saenz: an Interview with his translators, Kent Johnson and Forrest Gander
[»»] Wayne Koestenbaum in conversation with Tony Leuzzi, 22 October 2004, Le Gamin Coffee Shop, Chelsea, New York
[»»] Deborah Meadows in conversation with Romina Freschi, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2006

Feature: Pressure to Experiment
[»»] Introduction (Bloomfield et al.)
[»»] Joan Retallack: What is Experimental Poetry & Why Do We Need It?
[»»] Jena Osman: Is Poetry the News?: The Poethics of the Found Text
[»»] Harriet Tarlo: Radical Landscapes: experiment and environment in contemporary poetry
[»»] Caroline Bergvall: The Franker Tale (Deus Hic, 2)
[»»] Caroline Bergvall: Short aside to ‘The Franker Tale’.
[»»] Vincent Broqua: Pressures of Never-at-home
[»»] Nikolai Duffy: The Poetics of Emergency
[»»] Josh Robinson: ‘Innocence and incapability impose’: Towards an Ethic of Experimentation
[»»] Luke Harley: Music as prod and precedent: Nathaniel Mackey’s niggling at the limits of language

[»»] Raewyn Alexander: «Red the Fiend» by Gilbert Sorrentino
[»»] Raewyn Alexander: «Sundays on the Phone», by Mark Rudman
[»»] Raewyn Alexander: «Rain» by Jon Woodward
[»»] James Belflower: «Harrow», by Elizabeth Robinson
[»»] Marcelo Coelho: «Rapid Departures» by Vincent Katz, illustrations by Mario Cafiero
[»»] Ian Davidson: «Grave of Light: New and Selected Poems 1970–2005», by Alice Notley
[»»] Marcella Durand: «secure portable space», by Redell Olsen
[»»] Clive Faust: «Language Is» by John Phillips
[»»] Tom Goff: «Tap-Root: Poems» by Indigo Moor
[»»] Michael Gottlieb: «The Anger Scale» by Katie Degentesh
[»»] David Hart: Peter Redgrove: eight books
[»»] Andrew Mossin: «Blue Studios: Poetry and Its Cultural Work», by Rachel Blau DuPlessis
[»»] Linda Russo: «Terminal Humming» by K. Lorraine Graham
[»»] Linda Russo: «Crop» by Yedda Morrison
[»»] Linda Russo: «Chantry» by Elizabeth Treadwell
[»»] Standard Schaefer: «Broken World», by Joseph Lease
[»»] Alan Sondheim: «The Flowers of Evil», by Charles Baudelaire, translated by Keith Waldrop, Wesleyan University Press, 2006
[»»] Jason Stumpf: «Necessary Stranger» by Graham Foust
[»»] Donald Wellman: «Figured Image» by Anne-Marie Albiach, trans. Keith Waldrop
James Sherry: «The Grand Piano» Project:… an ongoing experiment in collective autobiography by ten writers identified with Language poetry in San Francisco. It takes its name from a coffeehouse at 1607 Haight Street, where from 1976–79 the authors took part in a reading and performance series. The writing project, begun in 1998, was undertaken as an online collaboration, first via an interactive web site and later through a listserv.
[»»] «The Grand Piano» Part 1 reviewed
[»»] «The Grand Piano» Part 2 reviewed
[»»] «The Grand Piano» Part 3 reviewed in Jacket 34

[»»] Iain Britton: Lemurs and Missing Links in Loops
[»»] Bruce Covey: Two poems: ‘Still’; ‘Good & Plenty’
[»»] Romina Freschi: Initials (2004/05)
[»»] Michael Kelleher: Number Crunch
[»»] Ronald Koertge: Three Haibun
[»»] Kristin Prevallet: Tales of Caw
[»»] Robert Sheppard: Sonnets from «September 12»