Noisy restaurant fixed

At last: a sensible restaurant owner.

“Besides bad service, too much noise is the biggest complaint people have about eating out, according to reviews site Zagat.” So quotes journalist Kara Tsuboi on the C|Net site. “And I agree. While a hip, happening place is fun for a single cocktail, it can be maddening, not to mention headache-inducing, when it comes to sustaining a dinner conversation.”

Restaurateur John Paluska concurs: “Not being able to carry on a conversation in a restaurant that I was enjoying was really frustrating,” he said, adding that it would be a conflicting experience. Even though he liked the place, he wasn’t sure he’d want to go back “because I felt exhausted and had a really hard time carrying on a conversation when I was there,” he said.

When Paluska decided to open his own restaurant in downtown Berkeley, Calif., designing a chitchat-friendly acoustic environment was one of the top priorities. “More and more restaurants are getting built in spaces that have a lot of hard, reflective surfaces, and there’s not a lot of thought put into the sonic environment of the space,” he says.

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