The Death of Harry Hooton

hooton-bookAn MP3 audio file of the program as broadcast on Radio Helicon, Radio National, on the evening of 18 December 1988, recorded off-air. Stereo, duration 1 hour 11 minutes 28 seconds. Producer: Amanda Stewart. Script and narration by Mr Sasha Soldatow. With the voices of Harry Hooton, recorded on his deathbed in 1961, Sasha Soldatow, Margaret Fink, Bob Cumming, and others.

Harry Hooton (1908–1961) was born in England and migrated to Australia at the age of sixteen. He became an Australian poet, philosopher and anarchist. He was part of the libertarian Sydney Push in Sydney during the 1950s, with connections to many other Australian and overseas writers. Hooton never completed his philosophical treatise, titled “Militant Materialism”, although he did complete six of its eight chapters. His philosophy was a simple one: “Leave man alone, man is perfect. Concentrate instead on matter.” He formulated what he called “The Politics of Things”. Hooton saw proof copies of his last book, «It Is Great To Be Alive», published by Margaret Elliott (now Margaret Fink), just before he died of cancer in 1961.

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