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The Literary Thoroughfares of Lynbrook, Victoria: In the fairly new suburb of Lynbrook, Australia, in the South-eastern Melbourne City of Casey, over fifty streets and parks are named after Australian writers. They appear between the South Gippsland Highway and the Westernport Highway. The following are most of the “literary streets” in Lynbrook, with brief notes about the writers who are likely to have inspired the names of the eponymous thoroughfares. Naturally I am pleased to find my own name among them. It’s a kind of cartographic apotheosis common enough to forgotten aldermen and sporting persons whose evanescent glory has now faded, but rare among my profession. Though I am troubled by a nagging thought that, as most of the other writers are deceased and in many cases thoroughly historical, perhaps the local council thought I was historical too. Oh well.

I am pleased to note that there is a baby-sitting service in Tranter Square with a name that appeals to me: “Mum’s Day Off”, 22 Tranter Square, Lynbrook, Vic, 3975 Australia…

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  1. G’day John, just commenting on the street names in Lynbrook, I know a lady who was employed by the major developer of Lynbrook, this comment was taken from the “Lynbrook social page” on facebook, is was written after we were made aware of your journal and your information on their origins orf the names. – “I worked in the Lynbrook Land Office during design and construction of Lynbrook. One of my tasks was to research and assign names to the streets. The first four stages were already named and occupied when I built my house and moved into Lynbrook in 1997, and Tranter Square was, I think, in Stage 2. John Tranter is correct in his assumption that all streets were supposedly named after deceased writers. It was City of Casey rules that, if the person was not deceased, we had to get their permission to use their name. Hence we only used the names of deceased writers. Perhaps John has a forebear who also was a writer. I acquired all the street names from the Oxford Companion to Australian Writers which I borrowed repeatedly from the Dandenong Library. I haven’t read Mr Tranter’s full list but one error I did notice was that Cilento Crescent was not named after Diane Cilento. It was named after her mother, Lady Phyllis Cilento who wrote books on health and wellbeing. She died in 1987”. I had mentioned to her on one occasion the I had just watched “Breaker Morrant” and after finding out in the movie that he was a published poet I asked her into looking into getting his names also added, she added Morrant Mews, i was quite pleased.

    Kind Regards
    Miles Weidemann

  2. Thanks for that information, Miles. I’ve changed the Cilento and Tranter entries to reflect your new information. There are quite a few more streets I could add. And there seem to be some streets named after writers who were alive at the time, though I can’t imagine anyone would mind.

  3. Hi John,
    While working on some new housing a couple of years ago in the Point Cook area of Melbourne (western side), I noticed they were doing the same thing with the street names. I was hoping to spot ‘Malley Boulevard’, or ‘Ethel’s Lane’, but no luck. You can only get so inventive with these things, I guess.



  4. Cam, you’re a genius! Many thanks! This is fast becoming my new hobby! In the new Point Cook development street names at, please note the following among the dozens of spice names (how strange!), American place names, London place names, and light aircraft names, the following “Notable Australians” names including those of many poets: Astley Cr, Bandler Pky, Banjo Paterson Cct, Beveridge Ct, Buckley St, Buckmaster Gra, Caldicott Cr, Cj Dennis Pl, Coombes Ct, Cowan Pky, Drysdale Cr, Durack Ct, Dyson Wy, Gilmore Gr, Grainger Cct, Greg Norman Dr, Hasluck Gdn, Helpmann Av, Heysen Mw, Keneally Dr, Lindsay Gdn (clever: Adam Lindsay Gordon = Lindsay Gardens), Machinery Dr (very dry), Mackellar La, May Gibbs Cct, Mccauley Rd (Do they mean to honour poet James “McAuley”?), Mccubbin Ct, Menzies Av, Miles Franklin Bvd, Namatjira Dr, Nice Place (very witty!), Nigella Dr (for cooking aficionados), Niland Cr, Olley La, Penton Wy, Rowland Dr, Sasparilla Dr (Should be “Sarsaparilla”; thanks, Patrick White), Spender Av, Stivens La, Tenerrife Cr (should be “Tenerife”), Tennant St, Tom Roberts Pde, Whiteley Av, Whitlam Grn, Winton Gra. Wonderful!

  5. No, definitely no genius. But sometimes plastering throws up something of interest. Poetry might not be a vehicle for financial security, but maybe developers are feeling something different…dunno.


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