Auckland: Short Takes on Long Poems

Here are three pages from my Tapa Notebook, which I filled in as an aide memoire for my time in Auckland in late March 2012, at a symposium sponsored by the University of Auckland. The notebook has been sent to the University Library for safekeeping. Tapa? “Tapa” is a cloth made from the bark of the Paper Mulberry tree, a decorated and valuable cloth common in Oceania. A panel of Tapa cloth decorates the front cover of these notebooks. See all 110 pages here: my Tapa Notebook.

John Tranter's Tapa Notebook page 53

John Tranter's Tapa Notebook page 85

John Tranter's Tapa Notebook page 99

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  1. the handy-workers, while not immortal, were able to survive the elements until the last ferry back to Auckland…

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