Riotous success: Melbourne conference, 2011, report

Corey Wakeling, Melbourne, 16 July 2011, photo by John Tranter.
Corey Wakeling, Melbourne, 16 July 2011, photo by John Tranter.

“Ann Vickery and Michael Farrell should see their Poetry and the Contemporary as a riotous success and responsible for reinvigorating an ebullience for contemporary poetics in its partisan schools, its independents, its exiles, and its present-tense. This symposium succeeded because it was constituted by criticism enamoured of poetry, poetry enamoured of life, and life enamoured of criticism and poetry.”

Corey Wakeling has a lively report on the July 2011 “Poetry and the Contemporary” Conference in Melbourne available in «Cordite» magazine. Worth a look, here.

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  1. High on the fun of the symposium, John, embarrassingly so! It was quite the collision of people. May we have more such events, and more impromptu speeches from you. By the way, just been reading all of Buckmaster’s The Great Auks, found your ‘H.M.E.’ in issue 5 and thought it was fabulous. That isn’t collected in any of your books is it, or have I overlooked it?

  2. Hi, Corey. Well, getting high on the fun of the symposium is what symposia have been all about since 1,000 B.C.

    No, that H.M.E. poem has never been collected. In fact I have no real idea what it is about. I know I was reading the Penguin «Hans Magnus Enzensberger» collection of poems at the time, 1968, and those are his initials at the top of the poem. The style is vaguely his, too. Here’s a photo of H.M.E. which I took in Munich in 1984. Glad you liked the poem.

    For those who lack copies of «The Great Auk», here it is:

    John Tranter


    hello there
    I am standing in a cornfield
    some kind of maggot in my head
    trying to get out
    it says something in German

    lately the sister of my wife’s employer
    has been fading from human view
    all the words become silver
    in the sun.
    «The Great Auk», number 5, December 1968

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