Roy Fisher in conversation with John Tranter, 1989

Roy Fisher, 1989
Roy Fisher, 1989, photo by John Tranter

[Roy Fisher reads his poem ‘Stopped Frames and Set-Pieces’]

John Tranter… Roy, would you like to talk about how you came to write that poem?

Roy Fisher: It’s a composition from pictures. Every one of those items was an item from a collection of photographs. I think every one was in fact either a news photograph, or taken out of an illustrated magazine, taken out of context. The important thing for me was to ignore the structured context in which the thing had originally had a meaning, and let it hang about. In many cases it hung about for years. The photograph of the Indian statue I still keep on my wall, because it’s pretty. I probably owned it for ten or twelve years before I decided to sit down and write it.

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