Fonts: New Fournier BP

The image below is a text of page 218 from Oliver Bernard’s excellent translation of Rimbaud’s «Collected Poems» (Penguin, 1965). The poem has been typeset here in New Fournier BP, a face designed by François Rappo in Lausanne, Switzerland. The face is fully OpenType compliant — well, almost. More below.

Until a year or so ago… say, until 2014… The face was for sale on this website. Then, alas, it disappeared. This may have something to do with the fact that Apple computers began rejecting the font when OS X Lion appeared, as it failed certain Apple tests including kerning table tests. Shame! Please revive it!

The foundry says:

Francois Rappo
François Rappo

New Fournier BP is a contemporary translation of the equilibrium and elegance we find in the typography of Pierre-Simon Fournier. It possesses a particular dynamism and variety due to its pretension to rediscover the graphic style of 18th century France in a form that is both digital and contemporary…

In the spirit of Fournier’s “programme”, New Fournier has been developed into a very large family that includes three different designs corresponding to three specific sizes for the font’s use: book, adapted to continuous text and optimised for comfort while reading; big, optimised for continuous text but comprising a more historic and detailed design; and headline, in which the contrasts, graphic expression and details of the design have been optimised for composing titles. These three designs are further divided into two x-heights: New Fournier BP, with a normal x-height, and New Fournier BP Large, which has a high x-height. The two groups are complementary.

Below, a sample.


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