Photo: Poets in New York City, 1992

Those were the days, twenty years ago, when a poet like David Trinidad could take a drag on a cigarette and not feel like a drug addict! Photo: Lyn Tranter, poet Elaine Equi, poet David Trinidad, New York City, 1992. Photo copyright © John Tranter.
Elaine is wearing a brooch [“pin” in US lingo] made from a tiny freeze-dried shad in transparent plastic. The shad is a fish that used to be common in the Hudson River before that watercourse turned into a channel of industrial garbage, and now, as the water clears, is slowly returning, along with its caviar-like shad roe. Like the Atlantic sturgeon, shad spend much of their adult lives in the ocean, returning to the Hudson to lay their eggs. A year or two before this photo was taken, poet Kenward Elmslie cooked (a larger!) shad for lunch for Lyn and me. Delicious! Click to see a larger image.