Thesis, 2009

In 2005 I decided to ‘do a thesis’, on the urging of Cathy Cole, who wanted me to start at UTS (the initials of the University of Technology, Sydney, once called the New South Wales Institute of Technology [where I worked as a lecturer in the 1980s], which in fact was the erstwhile name of the [now, 2017] University of New South Wales at Kensington), under Martin Harrison, who taught there as well as working for the poet Robert Adamson as an editor of poetry for Paperbark Books. I made the decision, spurred on by the thought of AUD$20,000 per annum for three years tax free, as an APA (Australian Postgraduate Award.)

Eventually, after some searching around, I decided to work under John Hawke at a different university, near Sydney in Australia. John Hawke left that university after a while to work at Monash in Melbourne, Australia, but he continued to see my Thesis through to completion.

It was marked by Martin Duwell in Queensland, Australia, and Mark Ford in London, England, and it (a Doctorate of Creative Arts) was awarded in late 2009. You can read all of the Thesis in PDF form (meaning a rather long download to your computer) from this site:

or you can choose to read it in six (or seven) ‘responsive’ HTML installments here. Here it is:

[»»] Distant Voices in 6 Parts, part 1: Poems

[»»] Distant Voices in 6 Parts, part 2: About the poems

[»»] Distant Voices in 6 Parts, part 3: Prior projects

[»»] Distant Voices in 6 Parts, part 4: Dream work

[»»] Distant Voices in 6 Parts, part 5: Appendices

[»»] Distant Voices in 6 Parts, part 6: Bibliography

[»»] Distant Voices: Excerpts from both markers’ reports