Anaglyph: The Anaglyph

This page is about my poem ‘‘The Anaglyph’’,

collected in «Starlight: 150 Poems», published in 2010 by the University of Queensland Press, and in 2015 by Blazevox Books, Buffalo, USA.
The poem became part of my 2009 Doctor of Creative Arts thesis dissertation for the University of Wollongong, along with 112 other poems and a thirty-thousand-word exegesis. You may download the entire thesis here, free:

To read the poem ‘The Anaglyph’, look for it in this file.

[»] Martin Duwell reviews John Tranter: Starlight: 150 Poems; this file in John Tranter’s Main Site. “There can be little doubt that “The Anaglyph” is the dominant poem of this collection and one of Tranter’s great achievements…”

For Notes to the poem, see the Thesis pages in this file.