John Tranter: Millions of photos

The links below take you to millions (well, lots and lots) of photos by John Tranter, many with explanatory text. The site will grow with time. For those impatient souls keen to feast on photos now, try my other homepage at

Vagabond Press Christmas Party, 2014 Vagabond Press is an independent Australian publisher of quality Australian writing, established in 1999. Michael Brennan, Elizabeth Allen, Chris Edwards and Kay Orchison are the Publishers. See They held a Xmas party upstairs at Gleebooks book store at 49 Glebe Point Road, Sydney, on Sunday 7 December 2014. These are 13 photos I took at that event.… (John Tranter)

Puncher and Wattmann Christmas Party, 2014 Founded in 2005, Puncher and Wattmann is an independent Australian publisher of quality Australian writing. David Musgrave is the Publisher. They held a Xmas party in the rear function room of the Alexandria Town Hall on 6 December 2014. These are 15 photos I took at that event.… (John Tranter )

Adelaide photos, 2013… Twelve photos of startling, amazing and totally charming scenes around the Athens of the South (or the Detroit of the South, according to the [local] ex-Chair of the Literature Board) in 2013 (during Adelaide Writers Week).

Twenty-five Photos from the 2013-09-29 Launch of Ten Sonnets by John Tranter and launched by Professor John Frow, Realia by Kate Lilley and The Tulip Beds by A.J. (Andy) Carruthers.

747 Sonnet Broadside poster
747 Sonnet Broadside poster
Here’s a [link] to a broadside version of one of the poems in Ten Sonnets, ‘747 Sonnet’, originally published by Squircle Line Press in Singapore